Take a Machine gun, exterminate hordes of slime all at once! Retro pixel art style bullet-hell roguelike action "Slime & Machinegun”, now available on the App Store and Google Play.

JAPAN, December 13th, 2022 (December 20th Updated)





atrium games is pleased to announce the release of “Slime & Machinegun” on December 13th, 2022 (Tuesday), for free on the App Store.

<aside> 💡 On December 20th, this app was released on Google Play for Android.



“Slime & Machinegun” is a roguelike or survivor-type game that allows players to freely combine weapons to strengthen their character while destroying hordes of slimes. The game offers both the "exhilaration" of destroying hordes of slimes and the “thrill" of dodging a screen-filling bullet-hell at the same time.

The game is easy to play, with a total of 10 dungeons + more, and it takes about 1-2 hours to beat the game.